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Ctenocephalus coronatus (Barrande, 1846)
Ctenocephalus coronatus (Barrande, 1846)
26,95 EUR
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New Products

Clematocrinus retiarius (Phillips in Murchison 1839 Clematocrinus retiarius (Phillips in Murchison 1839
Here is a wonderfull crinoids pair of the species Clematocrinus retiarius  from the classical site of Wrens - Nest near Dudley.
375,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax
1 x 'Clematocrinus retiarius (Phillips in Murchison 1839' order
Mesolimulus walchi DESMAREST 1822 Mesolimulus walchi DESMAREST 1822
Here is a wonderfull fossil limulus of the species Mesolimulus  walchi from the lithographic limestone of Solnhofen.
850,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax
1 x 'Mesolimulus walchi DESMAREST 1822' order
Riedaster reicheli Kutscher & Röper 1999 Riedaster reicheli Kutscher & Röper 1999
Here is a "Solnhofen Starfish" of the species Riedaster reicheli with more than 70 mm.
The Riedaster shows prone and nicely centered on the plare and offers a detailed preservation.
1.250,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax
1 x 'Riedaster reicheli Kutscher & Röper 1999' order
Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843) Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843)
Here is a large "Megalodon Tooth" with a nice root and a very nice serration.
165,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax
1 x 'Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843)' order
Flexicalymene granulosa (Foerste, 1909) Flexicalymene granulosa (Foerste, 1909)
Here is a unusualy nice tripple trilobite group of Flexicalymene granulosa  from the Pulaski formation of  Oswego County in New York.
368,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax
1 x 'Flexicalymene granulosa (Foerste, 1909)' order
Kimberella quadrata & Kimberichnus teruzzii Kimberella quadrata & Kimberichnus teruzzii
Here is a superb "Vendian Ediacara Fossil" of the species Kimberella quadrata from the Verkhovka - Formation of the Solza River fossil site.
This  Kimberella quadrata does has the trace fossil marks of the species Kimberichnus teruzzi directly in front of the fossil. There is a other trace fossil that is might also associated with the  Kimberella quadrata that is might be evidencefor active movement.
390,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax
1 x 'Kimberella quadrata & Kimberichnus teruzzii' order
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