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Ascocystites sp.

Ascocystites sp.
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Ascocystites sp.
Ascocystites sp.

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This is a large specimen of  a Eocrinoid specimen of the genus Ascocystites. This specimen mesures about 160 mm.
This Eocrinoid is widely distributed,  Ascocystites drabowensis Barrande, 1887 was initially discriped from the Letnß formation  in the Czech republic. But the genus is also reported from Brejo Fundeiro Formation of central Portugal or even from Wales and the Montagne Noire in France.


Bou Nemrou , El  Ca´d Rami,Morocco 
Size Pate:about 290 x 200 mm
Age:Ordovician,  Sandbian , Caradoc,  Izegguirene Formation (Ca. 460 Mill. Years)

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