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Fungus- ?Archaeomarasmius sp.

Fungus- ?Archaeomarasmius sp.
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Fungus- ?Archaeomarasmius sp.
Fungus- ?Archaeomarasmius sp.
Fungus- ?Archaeomarasmius sp.
Fungus- ?Archaeomarasmius sp.

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Here is a rare fossil mushroom as an inkluse in Burmese amber.   Strictly speaking, this is the fruiting body of a mushroom. Especially beautiful is the hat and the slats visible. The fungus is slightly sanded.  Fungi are among the great rarities in Burmese amber. This Fungus measures about 5 mm.
Various forms of lamellae-bearing fungi (Agaricomycetes) are known from Burmese amber.  Chenyang Cai at all, 2016 display comparable specimens showing a certain affinity to the family Marasmiaceae .  The species Archaeomarasmius leggetti  Hibbett, Grimaldi & Donoghue, 1997, is also described from Cretaceous amber from New Jersey.  Since apparently no fungal spores from Burmese amber could be investigated so far, an assignment to the genus Archaeomarasmius is only possible under reservation. In the case of fungi, it is probably difficult to make taxonomic statements based on external characteristics of the fruiting body.  
How ever this relative small Marasmiaceae like from appears to be one of the more frequently fungi from the Burmese Amber. It is conceivable that it may grew in the composing substrate that is trapped in the Araucaria leaves.  So that they are more likely been entombed in the Sap of the Araucaria that eventually will fossilize into Burmese Amber.  


Hukawng Valley,    Myanmar (Burma) 
Size of Amber: about  19 x 15 mm
Age:Middle Cretaceous, Burmite Upper Albian to Lower Cenomanian (about 100 Ma)

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