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Olenellus terminatus (Palmer, 1998)

Olenellus terminatus (Palmer, 1998)
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Olenellus terminatus (Palmer, 1998)
Olenellus terminatus (Palmer, 1998)

Products description

The specimen is 3 cm in length including the tail spine on a 15 x 5 cm limestone plate. The specimen exhibits superb preservation. Normally the trilobites found in the Carrara Fm. are poorly preserved because of the tortured nature of the strata.  Preparation by the Master, Ben Cooper.

Please note that the delivery time fort his trilobite is my longer than usual. Currently the item is still in the USA. We woukd take care for the import if you live in Europe. Obversly if you live inside the US we would have the item directly delivered to you.



Emigrant Pass, San Bernardino County,, Kalifornien, USA 
Size:about 30 mm long
Age:Unteres Kambrium  ,Pyramid Shale,Carrara Formation (ca. 520 Y.o.)

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