Marocconus notabilis (GEYER 1993)

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Here is a nice piece a Eodiscid trilobites of the species Morocconus notabilis from the middle Cambrian of Morocco. This species was initially described as Cephalopyge notabilis. But the genus name  Cephalopyge was allready in use for a group of a pelagic species of nudibranch.
(Cephalopyge sensu Hanel, 1905)
The trilobite itself is about 10 mm in long.


Tahhoucht, Jebel Ougnate, Morocco  
Size matrix: about 85 x 65 mm
Age: Lower Middle Cambrian, Jbel Wawrmast Formation, Cephalopyge notabilis Zone (about 518 mill. y.o.)


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Marocconus notabilis (GEYER 1993)

Marocconus notabilis (GEYER 1993)
Marocconus notabilis (GEYER 1993)