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Colpocoryphe deani

Colpocoryphe deani
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Colpocoryphe deani
Colpocoryphe deani
Colpocoryphe deani

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This is an interesting trilobite from the Lower Ordovician in France, identified as Colpocoryphe deani. It is suspected that the species Colpocoryphe deani could be a homonym and/or synonym. This species is in conflict with Gravicalymene deani Ingham, 1977, which means that the younger taxon violates the ICZN. It is assumed that Colpocoryphe deani is the younger taxon. Traditionally, many Colpocoryphe finds from the Arenig in France are determined as Colpocoryphe thorali Dean, 1966. Therefore, it is likely that the author who proposed Colpocoryphe deani as a new taxon wanted to dedicate this species to Dean. Although Colpocoryphe deani is frequently used, no reference to the author of the species can be found.



Vallee du Landyran, Dép. Herault, France 
Size Trilobite:about 14 mm long
Age:Lower Ordovician, Arenig, Landyran Formation  (About 470 Ma)

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