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The Fossils-Calendar 2016

The Fossils-Calendar 2016
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The Fossils-Calendar 2016

Now available: The Fossils-Calendar 2016.
Fossils give us a look at the development of life on Earth. They are proof and documents of our own origin, part of our history and provide valuable information to the scientifical enlightened view of the world that our culture stands for.
The Fossils-Calendar for 2016 is the 8th calendar of the series, with beautiful images and extensive descriptions. Every month a new chapter in the history of life on earth is opened up. Ancient lifeforms, unusual preservation, authentic fossils - again you will meet an informative and aesthetic presentation of fossils from around the world.
The calender is only available in German language, but of course we gladly like to show it to our English speaking visitors, too.

Some copies of the preceding calenders of this series (2009 to 2014) are still available as collector’s items (while quantity lasts) and are shown here:
Fossil calender 2009 "Fossils. Documents of the History of Life"
Fossils calender 2010 "A Moment of Eternity"
Fossils calender 2011 “From Depth of Time”
Fossils calender 2012 “Million Year Images”
Fossils calender 2013 “Planet of Life”
Fossils calender 2014 “Earth‘s Stories”
Fossils calender 2015 “Split Open”

poster size 30 x 42 cm ring wire with hanger
13 pages + printed back cover, all full colour
All descriptions are in German language
The Fossils-Calendar 2016

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