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Caturus sp.

Caturus sp.
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Caturus sp.
Caturus sp.

Products description

Here is a very rare specimen of a predatory fish from the famous French site of Cerin. The fisch shows very nice the teeth.
The quarries of Cerin are closed for more than hundred years. The collecting for private collectors is also strictly forbidden. There are since 1974 some scientific excavations in the lithographic limestone of Cerin. There will be no new material be available to the fossil market.

There is also a book with good Pictures about the Fossilienlägerstätte of Cerin.
More information can be found here : http://www.geopolis-fr.com/fossile-cerin.html
(on French)

The fish have a length of about 104 mm.


Cerin, Dépt. Ain, France
Size of stone:about 125 x 200 mm
Age:Upper Jurasic , Malm zeta (about. 150 Mill. years)

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