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Androgynoceras capricornus (Hyatt 1867)

Androgynoceras capricornus (Hyatt 1867)
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Androgynoceras capricornus (Hyatt 1867)

Products description

Atractive multible piece with servile ammonites. This piece was collected in a temporary exposure at the highway building around Braunschweig. From this site are mainly the following ammonite species known: Oistoceras figulinum, Oistoceras curvicorne, Androgynoceras maculatum,A.. capricornus and Tragophylloceras This faunal community is typical for this special strata of the uppermost Pliensbachian. The largest ammonite is about 51 mm in diameter.


Schandelah near Braunschweig, Germany
Size of stone:about 160 x 70 mm
Age:Lower Jurasic, Lias Delta / Gamma, Pliensbachian (about. 195 Mill. Jahre)

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