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Androgynoceras capricornus (Hyatt 1867)

Androgynoceras capricornus (Hyatt 1867)
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Androgynoceras capricornus (Hyatt 1867)

Products description

Nice ammonite with 26 mm diameter.

This piece was collected in a temporary exposure at the highway building around Braunschweig. From this site are mainly the following ammonite species known: Oistoceras figulinum, Oistoceras curvicorne, Androgynoceras maculatum,A.. capricornus and Tragophylloceras This faunal community is typical for this special strata of the uppermost Pliensbachian.


Schandelah near Braunschweig, Germany
Size of stone:about 100 x 55  mm
Age:Lower Jurasic, Lias Delta / Gamma, Pliensbachian (about. 195 Mill. Jahre)

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