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Metaidetes sp.

Metaidetes sp.
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Metaidetes sp.
Metaidetes sp.
Metaidetes sp.

Products description

On this polished slice Archaeocyatha Limestone is a interesting cross section cut of a Metaidetes together with some other Archaeocyaths.

Archaeocyaths are an imported group of riff building animals that already appear at the very Early Cambrian. They extinct already on the beginning of middle Cambrian age. They are where very successful in this short period.  Archaeocyathiden are where world wide distributed in a extreme high diversity. Servile hundred different  species of Archaeocyathida are knon. This archaic animal group was with no doubt a very imported part of the first riff ecosystems. The exact  systematic interpretation  is unclear but they seems to be “something” between sponges and Coelenterata. The preparation as polished cut is the most  common way of preparation. Probably it is the only suitable way, Archaeocyatha Limestone is very hard and often slightly metamorphic.


Beltana, Finders Range, south Australia
Size of plate: about  55 x 60  mm
Age:Lower Cambrian, Ajax Limestone (about 545mill. y.o.)

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