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Lituites leei Yu 1930

Lituites leei Yu 1930
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Lituites leei Yu 1930

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This specimen of Lituites leei shows a interesting pathology of the coil shape.
Such abnormal anatomy is often caused by a survived and healed injury or sickness. But a also a while the growing to of the section to the shell attached organism would corse this kind pathology. Especially we cant see any distortion of the fine and regular ornamentation of the shell. Similar pathologies are known from other cephalopods.

The species Lituites leei shows the some affinity to Baltic Lituites perfectus WAHLENBERG ,1818. Lituites leei is characteristic for the limestone facies of the der Datianba Formation that corallites principally with the Nemagraptus gracilis Biozone.
About the higher systematic relation of the Lituites Cephalopod group* is to say that it is not at all the ancestor group of the Ammonites.

*(Now a seen as independent Order Lituitida Starobogatov, 1974)


Songtao Guizhou province,China 
Size of Fossil: about  46 mm
Age:Middle Ordovician, Llanvirn,  (Darriwilian), Datianba Formation (about 465 Mya.)

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