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Ellipsocephalus "vetustus" (POMPECKJ)

Ellipsocephalus vetustus (POMPECKJ)
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Ellipsocephalus vetustus (POMPECKJ)

Products description

We offer from the classical site of Skryje a trilobite of species Ellipsocephalus vetustus (sensu POMPECKJ, 1895). The species Ellipsocephalus vetustus is a synonym of Ellipsocephalus hoffi but it is only relatet to the site of Skryje.
In Skryje of Ellipsocephalus hoffi is found in larger specimens than in Jince, so that the german geologist and palaeontologist Josef Felix Pompeckj interpreted them as a new species. The species Ellipsocephalus hoffi is valid because Schlotheim described it already in 1823.



Skryje, Jince Reg. , Barrandium, Czech Republic 
Size trilobite:about 28 mm long
Age:Middle Cambrian, Jince Formation, Eccaparadoxides pussillus Zone (about. 518 mill. y.o.)

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