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Dactylioceras athleticum (SIMPSON 1855)

Dactylioceras athleticum (SIMPSON 1855)
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Dactylioceras athleticum (SIMPSON 1855)

Products description

The ammonite Dactylioceras athleticum  from Schlaifhausen is one of the most classical ammonites of the lower Jurassic of South Germany. This ammonite species was in the past very frequent found on the fields around Schlaifhausen after the ploughing. Today are new finds of Dactylioceras athleticum in Schlaifhausen possible but quite infrequent. The attraktive ammonite banks were systematly and nearly complete extracted and are now found in collections and museums around the world.

This piece is a inexpensive example of this ammonite fossil.


Forchheim, Schlaifhausen, Germany
Size :about 52 mm
Age:Lower Jurasic, Lias, Toarcian (ca. 189 Mill. Jahre)

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