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Eryma sp.

Eryma sp.
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Eryma sp.
Eryma sp.
Eryma sp.

Products description

Here is a interesting "Solnhofen Lobster" of the genus Eryma with plain pincers.
Compared to  Eryma modestiforme does show this Eryma no pusulation on the base of the pincers.
This is a imported species feature on crustaceans, so it is possible  that it is a new species of  Eryma from Solnhofen. The Eryma itself measures about 29 mm.


Eichstätt, Solnhofen, Germany
Size of plate: about 190 x 124 mm
Age: Upper Jurasic , Malm zeta (about. 150 Mill. years)

Product no.: 7877