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Marocconus notabilis (GEYER 1993)

Marocconus notabilis (GEYER 1993)
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Marocconus notabilis (GEYER 1993)
Marocconus notabilis (GEYER 1993)

Products description

Here is a rare "Eodiscida Trilobite" of the species Marocconus notabilis from the  Jbel - Wawrmast - Formation. The trilobite offers a detailed preservation and a nice color. The fossil was found simply as a split finish.
The trilobite species Marocconus notabilis is better known under the synonym Cephalopyge notabilis. In 2009*  Hüseyin  Özdikmen revised 20 trilobite genera, also Cephalopyge notabilis was assigned to the new trilobite genus  Marocconus.

*Özdikmen, H. (2009). "Nomenclatural changes for twenty trilobites genera". Munis Entomology & Zoology 4 (1): 155–171.


Tahhoucht, Jebel Ougnate, Morocco
Size:about 5 mm long
Age:Lower Middle Cambrian, Jbel Wawrmast Fm., (about 518 mill. y.o.)

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