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Ellipsocephalus "vetustus" (POMPECKJ, 1895)

Ellipsocephalus vetustus (POMPECKJ, 1895)
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Ellipsocephalus vetustus (POMPECKJ, 1895)
Ellipsocephalus vetustus (POMPECKJ, 1895)

Products description

Here is a very large specimen of Ellipsocephalus with 47 mm from Rejkovice.
Specimens of this enormous size are unknown from the site of Jince where Ellipsocephalus is mush more common. The specimens from  Rejkovice where long time seen as the  independent species Ellipsocephalus vetustus sensu POMPECKJ, 1895. Today the most authors agree that the find from Rejkovice have to be also accounted to Ellipsocephalus hoffi (Schlotheim, 1823). We list it here under the old Taxon to separate this trilobite from the Jince type.


Jince-Vystrkov, Barrandium, Czech Republic
Size trilobite:about 47 mm long
Age:Middle Cambrian, Drumian, Jince Formation, Eccaparadoxides pussillus Zone (about. 518 mill. y.o.)

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