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Kimberella quadrata (Glaessner,Wade1966)

Kimberella quadrata (Glaessner,Wade1966)
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Kimberella quadrata (Glaessner,Wade1966)
Kimberella quadrata (Glaessner,Wade1966)

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Here is a inexpensive Vendian Ediacara fossil of the species Kimberella quadrata a from the Verkhovka Formation of the Solza River fossil site.

The systematic position of the genus Kimberella is still controversial, as with almost all Ediacaran fossils. After the classical interpretation is Kimberella a medusa like Coelenterata. This interpretation is due more and better preserved specimens obsolete today.
Today is Kimberella associated with the molluscs with some reservation.


Solza River, Arkhangelsk region, Russia 
Fossil Size :about 11 mm long
Age:Precambrian, Ediacarum,  Yampol Member, Mogilev Formation, Balday Series   (Ca. 570 Mill. Years)

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