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Archaeopteryx lithographica Meyer, 1861

Archaeopteryx lithographica Meyer, 1861
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Archaeopteryx lithographica Meyer, 1861
Archaeopteryx lithographica Meyer, 1861
Archaeopteryx lithographica Meyer, 1861
Archaeopteryx lithographica Meyer, 1861

Products description

Here is a very special Solnhofen Fossil from Eichstätt which we could buy on the fossil show “Fossilien Boerse 2017” in the car park. It is a specimen of a so-called primitive bird of the species Archeopteryx lithographica. This specimen would thus be the 14th Archaeopteryx find. Since now more than a dozen fossil specimens are known. This fact affects naturally the market situation. The over the years of hidden bird are now sold as quickly as possible to prevent another loss in value. This is, of course, a feast for science as well as for lovers of Solnhofen fossils. Therefore it is a pleasure to offer today *  this legendary fossil species at an extremely attractive price.

This item is not complete, unfortunately the counterparts are missing. Also the head is not preserved. As most Archaeopteryx specimens, this piece also shows a backward curved spine. The bone substance predominantly well preserved. However, no feather imprints are apparent on the plate.
The fossil history and finding situation is well documented for this fossil. We were able to purchase the piece directly from the finder named Mr. S. Claus. Mr. Claus made the his find in the winter of last year. As he take with his animals a walk through his quarry. He is very sure that it has been around the 24.12.2016 since he is always busy this day in the year. He is, of course, available for all questions regarding this piece. So here is very well documented proof in a nice condition at a very attractive price. This is probably a premiere, the first Archaeopteryx available on the Internet.

(* The offer starts on the 01.04.2017 and is not valid according to  §118 BGB - We wish a nice 1 April)
This Picture was used used : https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archaeopteryx#/media/File:Archaeopteryx_bavarica_Detail.jpg




Eichstätt, Solnhofen, Deutschland 
Size of Plate:about 40 x 135 mm
Age:Upper Jurasic , Malm zeta (about. 150 Mill. years)

Product no.: 12013018090