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Marocconus notabilis (GEYER, 1993)

Marocconus notabilis (GEYER, 1993)
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Marocconus notabilis (GEYER, 1993)
Marocconus notabilis (GEYER, 1993)

Products description

Here is a rare Eodiscida Trilobite of the species Marocconus notabilis from the  Jbel Wawrmast formation. The Trilobite offers a detailed preservation and a nice color. The fossil was found simply as a split finish.  Additionally is this Marocconus specimen with 10 mm relative large for a member of the trilobite order Agnostida.
The species Marocconus notabilis is better known under the Synonym Cephalopyge notabilis. In 2009  Hüseyin  Özdikmen revised 20 trilobite genera, also Cephalopyge notabilis was assigned to the new Trilobite genus  Marocconus.


Tahhoucht, Jebel Ougnate, Morocco 
Size:about 10 mm long
Age:Lower Middle Cambrian, Jbel Wawrmast Fm., (about 518 mill. y.o.)

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