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Densonella semele (Walcott, 1916)

Densonella semele (Walcott, 1916)
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Densonella semele (Walcott, 1916)
Densonella semele (Walcott, 1916)

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This is a interesting studiy grade trilobite of the species Densonella semele from the Weeks formation. This trilobite has the digestive structures been preserved. Surprisingly is this kind of Gut Phosphatesation not that seldom on trilobites from the Weeks Fromation. This ts on this Densonella very typical preserved.
* Lerosey-Aubril et al, 2012 : Controls on Gut Phosphatisation: The Trilobites from the Weeks Formation Lagerstätte (Cambrian; Utah)



Millard Co., Utah, USA 
Size trilobite:about 9 mm long
Age:Upper Cambrian, Weeks Fm., (about. 518 Mill. y.o.)

Product no.: 9764