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Olenellus fowleri Palmer, 1998

Olenellus fowleri Palmer, 1998
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Olenellus fowleri Palmer, 1998
Olenellus fowleri Palmer, 1998

Products description

The trilobite is 34 mm in length on a 110 x 100 mm plate of Pioche Shale. It is from the Uppermost Lower Cambrian, Combined Metals Member of the Pioche Shale, Lincoln County, Nevada. A superb large and 3D specimen of this iconic Nevada trilobite. It is known by the local collectors as a “butterfly of the sea”, because of its wide body and long flowing thoratic spines. Even the opistohrorax is preserved on this rarely found species.
Preparation by Ben Cooper.

Please note that the delivery time for his trilobite will take longer than usual. Currently the fossil is still in the USA with my associate. We will not charge for any extra postage if you live in Europe. For those buyers from the USA, the fossil will be directly mailed from California.



Ruin Wash, Lincoln Co., Nevada, USA 
Size matrix:about 110 x 100 m
Age:Spätes Unter- Kambrium, Pioche Formation (ca. 520 Y.o.)

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