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Paracidaris florigemma (PHILIPPS, 1829)

Paracidaris florigemma (PHILIPPS, 1829)
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Paracidaris florigemma (PHILIPPS, 1829)
Paracidaris florigemma (PHILIPPS, 1829)

Products description

Here is a large and moderately preserved specimen of a fossil sea urchin of the species Balanocidaris marginata. The fossil sea urchin still shows some spines in authentic embedding. The capsule itself, without the spines measures about 47 x 40 mm.

Regular Echinoids fossils with spines are often offered as so-called montages or assemblages.  This euphemistic term means that the capsule and the spines are artistically and artificially assembled on a often so called "original matrix". Most of the time, all parts come from the same location, but most likely from different individuals.

This is not the case with this Balanocidaris .
Everything belongs together here and is also in its original place on the matrix.


Coastal outcrop, Charente-Maritime,, France 
Size Matrix: about 176 x 136 mm
Age:Upper Jurassic,  Kimmeridgian   (about 150 Mill. years)

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