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Libelle, ?Cymatophlebia sp.

Libelle, ?Cymatophlebia sp.
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Libelle, ?Cymatophlebia sp.
Libelle, ?Cymatophlebia sp.
Libelle, ?Cymatophlebia sp.

Products description

A very rare and fascinating find of a feeding remain of a dragonfly from the lithographic limestone in Solnhofen.
The insect witch one was may trapped on the water surface become the victim of a marine predator that take the specimen under the water to eat it there.
It is hard to image a other scenario that explain how two wigs that would have belong to the same specimen where found so close to each other. (In deep water environments) 

The insect had a wingspan of approximately 140 mm.  


Eichstätt, Solnhofen, Deutschland
Size of stone:about 340 x 250 mm
Age:Upper Jurasic , Malm zeta (about. 150 Mill. years)

Product no.: 1883