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Horridonia horrida (Sowerby, 1822)

Horridonia horrida (Sowerby, 1822)
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Horridonia horrida (Sowerby, 1822)
Horridonia horrida (Sowerby, 1822)

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Here is an inexpensive example of a fossil brachiopod that belongs to the species Horridonia horrida from the Upper Permian. Horridonia horrida was placed in the genus  Productus in the past and is therefore still often found as Productus horridus. After all, this specimen shows one of the long spines. It is a good and inexpensive example of this relative rare fossil brachiopod from the Zechstein .


Gera, Thuringia, Germany
Size of Matrix: about  45 x 40 mm
Age:Upper Permin, Lopingian Zechstein (about 255 Ma)

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