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Echinoid with spines

Echinoid with spines
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Echinoid with spines
Echinoid with spines

Products description

Here we offer a rare echinoid with spines from the lithographical limestone of Wattendorf.
The spines offer a pleasing distribution pattern, the capsule is only lightly deformed.
Eichnoids from the lithographical limestone are very rare but they seem to be more common in Wattendorf than in Eichstätt or Solnhofen itself.
How ever echinoids with spines are rare regardless if they had been found in Solnhofen or at other sites.



 Wattendorf, Germany  
Size of plate: about 127 x 113 mm
Age: Upper Jurasic , Malm delta, Kimmeridgian. Pseudomutabilis-Zone (about. 149 Mill. years)


Product no.: 4871