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Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843)
Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843)
90,00 EUR
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 Asaphiscus wheeleri MEEK, 1873Asaphiscus wheeleri MEEK, 1873
Here is a classcal Utah Trilobite of the species Asaphiscus wheeleri from the Wheeler Formation.
38,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Bathyuriscus fimbriatus Robison, 1964Bathyuriscus fimbriatus Robison, 1964
Here is a large and relative rare trilobite of the species Bathyuriscus fimbriatus  from the Marjum Formation of Utah.
47,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Cedaria minor (WALCOTT, 1916)Cedaria minor (WALCOTT, 1916)
This is a Weeks Trilobite double from Utha with two specimens of the species Cedaria minor.
29,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Eldredgeops rana milleri (STEWART, 1927)Eldredgeops rana milleri (STEWART, 1927)
This is a classical Ohio Trilolobite of the species Eldredgeops rana milleri from the Silica Shale.
47,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Flexicalymene meeki (FOERSTE, 1910)Flexicalymene meeki (FOERSTE, 1910)
Here is a completely enrolled trilobite of the species Flexicalymene meeki from the Ordovician of Ohio.
14,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Modocia weeksensis Shanan Peters 2003Modocia weeksensis Shanan Peters 2003
Here is a Modocia weeksensis from the upper Cambrian Weeks formation of Utah
39,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Olenellus gilberti (Meek in White, 1874)Olenellus gilberti (Meek in White, 1874)
Here is a inexepnesive Trilobite of the species Olenellus gilberti from the lower Cambrian of Nevada.
39,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Olenellus gilberti (Meek in White, 1874)Olenellus gilberti (Meek in White, 1874)
This Trilobite of the  species Olenellus gilberti offers a very nice and detailed preservation. The nice star shaped manganese dendrites add well to the pleasing appearance of this trilobite.
220,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Ptychagnostus atavus (Tullberg, 1880)Ptychagnostus atavus (Tullberg, 1880)
This is a detailed aghnostid trilobite of the species Ptychagnostus atavus  from the Pierson Cove Formation of the Drum Mountains in Utah.
24,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Teresellus goldfieldensis Hollingsworth, 2005Teresellus goldfieldensis Hollingsworth, 2005
Here is a rare Nevada Trilobite of the species Teresellus goldfieldensis from the lower Cambrian Poleta Formation of the Montezuma Range. This fossil is a real heart breaker. Just once more when the trilobite is to large for the stone slap.
46,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.

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