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Ptychagnostus cuyanus (RUSCONI, 1948)
Ptychagnostus cuyanus (RUSCONI, 1948)
28,95 EUR
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Trilobites and more fossils for sale.

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New products

Caleidocrinus multiramus (Waagen et Jahn, 1899) Caleidocrinus multiramus (Waagen et Jahn, 1899)

Here is a nice Czech crinoids’ plate with servile fossil sepecimens of the species Caleidocrinus multiramus.

110,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.

Loriolaster mirabilis (Stürtz,, 1886) & Euzonosoma tischbeinianum (Roemer, 1862) Loriolaster mirabilis (Stürtz,, 1886) & Euzonosoma tischbeinianum (Roemer, 1862)

Here is a fantastic Bundenbach fossil plate with two large Starfish fossils of the species  Loriolaster mirabilis and Euzonosoma tischbeinianum.

1.250,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.

Elrathia kingi (Meek 1870) Elrathia kingi (Meek 1870)

This is a very detailed Utah Trilobite of the species Elrathia kingi.

29,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.

Ptychagnostus germanus OPIK, 1979 Ptychagnostus germanus OPIK, 1979

This Utah Trilobite belongs to the relative rare Agnostid species Ptychagnostus germanus.
The specimen is very nice and detailed preserved.

49,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.

Olenellus terminatus (Palmer, 1998) Olenellus terminatus (Palmer, 1998)

The specimen is 3 cm in length including the tail spine on a 15 x 5 cm limestone plate. The specimen exhibits superb preservation.

240,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.

Paradoxides gracilis (BOECK, 1827) Paradoxides gracilis (BOECK, 1827)

This is a middle Cambrian plate with servile Trilobites of thr classical Czech species Paradoxides gracilis.

165,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.

Zamites feneonis BRONGBIART Zamites feneonis BRONGBIART

Here is a large and almost complete fossil leaf of the palm fern species Zamites feneonis.
This fossil Cycad was found in the late Jurassic of France.

95,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.

Psiloceras planorbis (J. Sowerby 1824) Psiloceras planorbis (J. Sowerby 1824)

Here is a Psiloceras planorbis in a sparkling and colourful preservation.

19,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.

Cyphaspis sp. Cyphaspis sp.

Here is a fine and relative rare Trilobite of the genus Cyphaspis from the Pragian of Mhersh.

135,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.

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