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Peltoceras athleta (Philips 1829)Peltoceras athleta (Philips 1829)
Here is a relative large Ammonite of the species Peltoceras athlete from the middle Jurassic of England.
Declivolithus alfredi (┤elÝzko 1906)Declivolithus alfredi (┤elÝzko 1906)
Here is a inexpensive amample of the trilobite species Declivolithus alfredi from the Ordovician of Morocco.
Deanaspis goldfussi (BARRANDE, 1846)Deanaspis goldfussi (BARRANDE, 1846)
Here is a  cephalon of the Trilobite Deanaspis goldfussi  from the Czech Republic.
Bergamia prima (Elles, 1940)Bergamia prima (Elles, 1940)
This is a expecialy detailed Trilobite of the species Bergamia prima from the Hope Shales of Minsterly.
Dickinsonia costata (Sprigg, 1947)Dickinsonia costata (Sprigg, 1947)
Here is a nice and large "Ediacara - Biota - Fossil" of the species  Dickinsonia costata.
This Dickinsonia costata offers a detailed preservation and shows well on the nice plate.

Kimberella quadrata (Glaessner,Wade1966)Kimberella quadrata (Glaessner,Wade1966)
Here is a inexpensive Vendian Ediacara fossil of the species Kimberella quadrata a from the Verkhovka Formation of the Solza River fossil site.
Paleophragmodictya reticulata (Gehling & Rigby 1996)Paleophragmodictya reticulata (Gehling & Rigby 1996)
This piece from the Ediacarian  shows servile specimens of the species Paleophragmodictya reticulate. The larges specimen on this plate measures about 5 mm in diameter.
Angelina sedgwickii (SALTER 1859)Angelina sedgwickii (SALTER 1859)
This is a Trilobite of the species Angelina sedgwickii from the Tremadoc of north Wales.
Ogygiocarella angustissima (Salter, 1865)Ogygiocarella angustissima (Salter, 1865)
Here is a inexpensive UK trilobite of the species Ogygiocarella angustissima from the lower Ordovician of Wales.
Cnemidopyge nuda (MURCHISON, 1839)Cnemidopyge nuda (MURCHISON, 1839)
Here is a  inexpensive trilobite of the species Cnemidopyge nuda from Minsterly.
Nevadotheca princeps (Billings 1872)Nevadotheca princeps (Billings 1872)
This is a rare Hyolith of the species Nevadotheca princeps from the lower Cambrian of Nevada.
Peronopsis integra (BEYRICH, 1845)Peronopsis integra (BEYRICH, 1845)
This is a rich Czech Agnostid plate with the species Peronopsis integra from the middle Cambrian Jince Fm.
Mesolenellus svalbardensis (Kielan,1960)Mesolenellus svalbardensis (Kielan,1960)
Here is a rare example of a lower Cambrian Trilobite from Svalbard /  Spitsbergen.
The specimen beleongs to the species Mesolenellus svalbardensis.
Thysanopeltis speciosa HAWLE & CORDA, 1847Thysanopeltis speciosa HAWLE & CORDA, 1847
This Trilobit is a Thysanopeltis speciosa from the middle Devonian of Morocco.
Cambropallas telesto Geyer 1993Cambropallas telesto Geyer 1993
This is a remarkable trilobite plate from the Cambrian of Morocco with three huge specimens of the species Cambropallas telesto. The largest trilobite on this plate has a length  of about 275 mm. What surely is an impressive size for a Olenellid Trilobite.
Placoparia cambriensis HICKS, 1875Placoparia cambriensis HICKS, 1875
This is a nice UK Trilobite of the species Placoparia cambriensis from the Ordovician of Shropshire.
Duslia insignis Jahn, 1893Duslia insignis Jahn, 1893
Here is a example of a rare Czech Duslia insignis .
Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843)Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843)
Here is a quite  large "Megalodon Tooth" from South Carolina.
Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843)Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843)
Here is a nice "Megalodon Tooth" with a atractive colour.
Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843)Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843)
Here is relative large "Megalodon Tooth" with a nice root and a very nice serration.
Hollardops mesocristata (LE MAITRE, 1952)Hollardops mesocristata (LE MAITRE, 1952)
Here is a nice and large morocco trilobite of the classical species Hollardops mesocristata.
The trilobite has a nice prone posing and shows a detailed preservation.
Drobna deformis MUENSTER, 1839Drobna deformis MUENSTER, 1839
This is a wonderfully preserved "Solnhofen Crustacean" of the reare species Drobna deformis from Eichstaett.
Declivolithus alfredi (┤elÝzko 1906)Declivolithus alfredi (┤elÝzko 1906)
This is a Trilobite of the relative rare species  Declivolithus alfredi from the middle ordovician of Morocco.
Peronopsis interstricta (WHITE, 1874)Peronopsis interstricta (WHITE, 1874)
This is a agnostid trilobitre of the species Peronopsis interstricta from the Wheeler Formation of Utah.
Macrocrinus mundulus (Hall, 1860)Macrocrinus mundulus (Hall, 1860)
Here is a wonderfull crinoid fossil of the species Macrocrinus mundulus from the classical site of Crawfordsville in Indiana.
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