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Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843)
Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843)
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Solnhofen Fossils 
Solnhofen Fossiles for sale 

 Eryma modestiforme SCHLOTHEIM  1822Eryma modestiforme SCHLOTHEIM 1822
This is a fantastic "Solnhofen Crustacean" of the species Eryma modestiforme.
This eryma shows very nice the legs and antenna. The fossil is nicely centered  on the plate. The eryma itself is about 36 mm long without the antenna.
110,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Magila latimana MUENSTER, 1839Magila latimana MUENSTER, 1839
This is a more rare fossil dacapod of the species  Magila latimana from the lithographic limestone of Eichstätt. This  magila latimana offers a superb preservation.
110,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Eystaettia intermedius (OPPEL, 1839)Eystaettia intermedius (OPPEL, 1839)
This is a nice and detailed "Solnhofen Shrimp" of the species Eystaettia intermedius from Eichstätt.
165,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Myrmicium elegans WESTWOOD, 1885Myrmicium elegans WESTWOOD, 1885
 This Solnhofen insect fossil is a Horntail, also sometimes also called Wood Wasp. This fossil Wasp  belongs to the species Myrmicium elegans. The Fossil itself is about 41 mm long and shows a nice and detailed preservation.
110,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Hefriga serrata (MüNSTER, 1839)Hefriga serrata (MüNSTER, 1839)
This is a unusually large specimen of a very detailed Hefriga serrata from Eichstätt.
This Fossil shrimp offers a detaild preservation and a attractive colour.
The Hefriga itself does have a body length of about 60 mm without antenna.
69,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Francocaris grimmi BROILI, 1917Francocaris grimmi BROILI, 1917
Here is a so called glass shrimp from Eichstätt of the quite rare species Francocaris grimmi.
36,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Brachyphyllum gracileBrachyphyllum gracile
Here is a conifer plant fossil of the species  Brachyphyllum gracile from Eichstaett.
46,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Coleoptera non det.Coleoptera non det.
Here is a nice,  not closer determined fossil beetle from the Solnhofen Limestome.

29,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Magila desmaresti MUENSTERMagila desmaresti MUENSTER
Here is a digging shrimp from Solnhofen of the species Magila desmaresti with landing mark.
46,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Hefriga serrata MUENSTER, 1839Hefriga serrata MUENSTER, 1839
Here is a fossil shrimp from Solnhofen of the species Hefriga serrata.
29,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Pseudosalenia sp.Pseudosalenia sp.
Here is a fossil echinoid from the lithographical limestone of Wattendorf.
69,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Mesonepa primordialis (GERMAR, 1839)Mesonepa primordialis (GERMAR, 1839)
Here is a fossil insect of the species Mesonepa primordialis from the lithographic limestone of Eichstätt.
This speciem come with positive and negative side and it also offers some potential for further preparation.
105,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Tetragramma sp.Tetragramma sp.
Here is a fossil Solnhofen echinoid from the Painten Site. The fossil Tetragramma is completely preserved with the spines and the Aristotle's lanten.
125,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Mesobelostonum deperditum (GERMAR, 1838)Mesobelostonum deperditum (GERMAR, 1838)
This is a nice and large fossil water bug of the species Mesobelostonum deperditum from the lithographic limestone of Eichstätt.
110,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Anaethalion angustissimus MüNSTER, 1839Anaethalion angustissimus MüNSTER, 1839
Her eis a fossil fish of the species Anaethalion angustissimus from the upper Jurassic of the Eichstaett near Solnhofen.
105,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Ascalabos voithi (MÜNSTER, 1834)Ascalabos voithi (MÜNSTER, 1834)
Here is a fossil fish from the Jurassic of Solnhofen that belongs to the species Ascalabos voithi. This is piece comes as a splait pair, so the positive and the negative side are included.
65,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Mesolimulus walchi DESMAREST 1822Mesolimulus walchi DESMAREST 1822
Here is a Solnhofen Limulus Fossil of the species Mesolimulus walchi from the late Jurassic of Zandt.
345,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Subplanites cf rueppelianum  QUENSTEDT 1888Subplanites cf rueppelianum QUENSTEDT 1888
This is a nice Solnhofen Ammonite of the genus Subplanites that has a diameter of about 75 mm .
39,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Subplanites cf. rueppelianum  QUENSTEDT 1888Subplanites cf. rueppelianum QUENSTEDT 1888
This "Solnhofen Ammonite" belongs to the species Neochetoceras  sterapsis .
14,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Lingulaticeras solenoides (QUENSTEDT , 1849)Lingulaticeras solenoides (QUENSTEDT , 1849)
Here is a "Solnhofen Ammonite" of the species Lingulaticeras solenoides.
7,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.

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