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Ptychagnostus germanus OPIK, 1979
Ptychagnostus germanus OPIK, 1979
49,95 EUR
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Other Fossils from all over the World 

 Bechleja inopinata HouĻa, 1957Bechleja inopinata HouĻa, 1957
Here is a detailed preserved Czech fossil of a fresh warter shrip that beleongs to the species Bechleja inopinata.
39,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Ichthyosaurus sp.Ichthyosaurus sp.
Here is a rarely nice Ichthyosaur vertebra that has been prepared out of a limestone concretion. The circular concretion has a diameter of about 86 mm.
105,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Igdamanosaurus aegyptiacus (Zdansky, 1935)Igdamanosaurus aegyptiacus (Zdansky, 1935)
Here is a nice Globidens tooth on Matrix that belongs to the species Igdamanosaurus aegyptiacus. Apparently are these Globidens teeth considerberly more rare than other Mosasaurus teeth from the Cretaceous of Morocco.
22,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Lycoptera davidi (Sauvage, 1880) & ?Palaeocyparis sp.Lycoptera davidi (Sauvage, 1880) & ?Palaeocyparis sp.
Here is a atractive plate with servile fossil fish together the a conifer branch fossil from the lower cretaceous of China. The fish fossils belong the very common species Lycoptera davidi, the fossil conifer branch likely belongs to the genus Palaeocyparis.
39,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Mosasaurus beaugei Arambourg, 1952Mosasaurus beaugei Arambourg, 1952
Here is a nice Mosasaurus tooth from Morocco.
The Fossil it self is about 44 mm long.
18,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Paleoplatoda segmentata Fedonkin, 1979Paleoplatoda segmentata Fedonkin, 1979
Here is a ediacarian fossil from the coast of the White Sea hat belongs to the rare species Paleoplatoda segmentata.
265,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Pseudokatosira undulata (BENZ in ZIETEN, 1830)Pseudokatosira undulata (BENZ in ZIETEN, 1830)
This is a nice example of a fossil tower snail of the specues Pseudokatosira undulata from the Pliensbachian of Buttenheim.
48,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Pugnax acuminatus (W. Martin 1809)Pugnax acuminatus (W. Martin 1809)
This is a example of a brachiopod of the species Pugnax acuminatus.
The Fossil comes with an old "Krantz Label".

4,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Stromatolith ?Aspetia aff. digitata a (Grey 1984)Stromatolith ?Aspetia aff. digitata a (Grey 1984)
Here is a fossil stromatolite from the Ediacarian of Czech Republic.
This is a nice example piece with one polished side. The faching side mesires about 37 x 34 mm
29,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Stromatolith Collenia undosa Walcott 1916Stromatolith Collenia undosa Walcott 1916
Here is a very nice Stromatolite plate from the deep Precambrian of the USA,
Es is a polished slap with the speices Collenia undosa from the about 2.2 Billion years old  Biwabik-Iron-Formation of Minnesota.
95,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Stromatolith Inzeria tjomusi (Krylov et al.,1963)Stromatolith Inzeria tjomusi (Krylov et al.,1963)
This is an beautiful and colourful Stromatolites fossil palte  of the species Inzeria tjomusi from the Precambrian of the Inter Riever in Russia.
65,00 EUR
7 % VAT incl.
 Thecosmilia trichotoma (GOLDFUSS 1826)Thecosmilia trichotoma (GOLDFUSS 1826)
This nice fossil coral colony from the classical site of Nattheim belongs to the  species Thecosmilia trichotoma.
29,95 EUR
7 % VAT incl.

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